Another progress pic. 

I had a little slump and a set back, but I’m back on track and constantly changing things up to build and lean out.
I love that they’re fit and not just skinny.

Fitness meets High Fashion. <3 






le entra lo guapanchangoso

this. is. the. bEST POST MADE IN LIFE

Damn! The baddest mofo of all time, had moves! ^_^

Let em know bruce…

OMG I can’t handle this level of cuteness!!!!


Subject: THIS IMAGE SHOULD BE SEEN IN THE WHOLE WORLDWhile magazines and TV chains report about the lives and love affairs of movie actors and actresses, football players and other celebrities, the Chief of the Kayapo tribe heard the worst news of his entire life: Mrs. Dilma, the president of Brazil, has given her approval for the construction of an enormous hydroelectric central (the world’s third largest one).This means the death sentence for ALL the tribes living at the shores of the river because the barrage will flood more or less 400 000 hectares of the forest. More than 40 000 natives will have to find other living surroundings where they will be able to survive. The destruction of the natural habitat, the deforestation and the disappearance of several species of plants and animals will be a fait accompli. We know that a simple image is the equivalent of a thousand words, it shows the price to be paid for the “quality of life” of our so-called “modern comforts.”There is no space in the world anymore for those who live differently. Everything has to be smoothed away, that everyone, in the name of globalization must lose his and her identity and way of living.If this enrages you, I urge and implore you to forward this message to all your friends, relatives and acquaintances. Thank you in the name of life, nature and biodiversity.©Hans van Raam

the lack of notes is disturbing

Can’t believe this…
💤💕Testing … Wish I could fall asleep.. #selfie #collage #yum #sleepy💋